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We seek a diverse cast reflective of the community we serve.

All ethnicities, races, gender identities, body types are encouraged to audition.


Directed by PAUL SMITH


AUDITIONS: Saturday, June 29, 2024 at either 10am - noon or 1pm - 3pm. You must be able to stay for the entire 2 hours


CALLBACKS: Sunday, June 30, at 1pm


REHEARSALS will begin on Sunday, July 28 from 6-9pm and continue Sunday - Thursdays with rehearsals at 7-10pm during the week.


PERFORMANCES: September 13-29. Friday and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.


LOCATION: Coastal Repertory Theatre, 1167 Main Street, Half Moon Bay


All ethnicities, races, gender identities, body types are encouraged to audition.


NO PAY // NON AEA (small travel stipend available)



  • All cold-readings from the script



  • Resume / Recent Headshot

  • Calendar and list of potential conflicts.






Tony Wendice, who married his wife Margot for her money, now plans to murder her for the same reason. Tony arranges the perfect murder: He hires a scoundrel he once knew into strangling Margot, and arranges a brilliant alibi for himself. The night of the planned attack, in a thrilling surprise twist, the plan goes awry and Margot manages to kill her attacker.Momentarily ruffled, Tony soon sees the hitman's death as an opportunity to have his wife convicted of murder. Working with an inspector from Scotland Yard, Tony plants the idea that Margot had planned the murder. Fortunately, the inspector and a friend of Margot's eventually discover the truth. In a scene of almost unbearable suspense, they trick Tony into revealing his guilt, freeing Margot.




TONY WENDICE - Somewhat vain maybe even a little bit lazy, as ruthless as he is charming. A tennis star with a sagging career. Made just enough money on the tour to eat and win a few cups. The husband of a woman who has ceased to love him – in favor of another man. He plots his wife’s murder with a calm, cool and collected lack of passion suggesting that he may (?) have some twisted tendencies. He is both level headed and manipulative as well as likable and able to misdirect anyone to his own purposes. Nice guy but you might not want to invite him over for dinner.


MARGOT WENDICE - Quick witted and intelligent and is totally unaware of her husband’s intention to kill her. She is kind, good natured and graceful but is having an affair with an American TV writer. She is also resourceful especially in attacking her attacker. Throughout she remains unaware of her husband’s true intentions.


MAX HALLIDAY - A moderately burned-out TV mystery script writer who met Margot in New York where they started a transoceanic affair. He is in London to work on some projects with the BBC and see Margot. He is totally unaware that he is the unwitting cause of Tony’s murderous intentions. He is a quick witted murder mystery writer and, consequently, adept at analyzing situations. Although initially in the dark about Tony’s plot against Margot his love and concern for her leads him to suspect that something’s afoot. A decent sort of chap who needs to get away from murder mysteries.


CAPTAIN LESGATE - A petty crook and a con man through and through. He has loved and left many women destitute in his wake but is willing to kill a woman he has never met for money. He possesses a certain level of shrewdness – but he is way out of his depth with Tony.


INSPECTOR HUBBARD - Classic by-the-book Detective Chief Inspector though he is very much his own man. He occasionally shows brief glimpses of his true good natured character. He first sees through Tony’s feigned innocence and begins to deduce the conspiracy he has concocted with the same calculated purpose Tony had in putting it together.

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