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Class Policies

  • Coastal Repertory Kids Theatre is a nut-free environment.

  • Parents are expected to pick up students on time. There will be a $15 charge for late pick up after a 10 minute grace period and another $15 for each additional 15 minutes or portion thereof. Please call or text the Program Manager if you will be late or if someone else will pick up your student.

  • No student will be permitted to leave the theatre unaccompanied without written permission submitted to the Program Manager.

  • Communication from the program to the families is primarily via Jackrabbit classroom emails. You are responsible for ensuring you are receiving these emails. If you do not receive an email within the first 2 weeks of class, please contact the Program Manager to resolve the issue. We will use the emails entered through the registration process. We recommend that you consider including your students’ email addresses if they have one and/or any additional relatives or close friends you would like to keep informed about the programs’ details.


  1. I agree that I will not use a cell phone during class time or rehearsal.

  2. I will show respect for myself and others, carefully honoring everyone’s personal boundaries.

  3. I will be on time at rehearsals and call times for shows.

  4. I will contact the Stage Manager or Director if I must miss or be late to a rehearsal..

  5. I will provide a Conflict Schedule to the Program Director and Stage Manager (dates student isn’t available for theatre) and honor that schedule.

  6. I will supply my own makeup and hair supplies for any show.

  7. I will wear jazz dance shoes every week for the dance portion of the class.

  8. I will not imbibe any illegal substances during rehearsals or performance.

  9. I will not post negative or personal information about the class or class members on social media.

  10. I will not post any photos without previous permission from the person on social media.

  11. I will be sensitive to the content appropriateness when sharing my digital devices with other people, especially when younger students are present.

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